In spite of all the technology and education in modern life, it is still hard to get listeners to understand, remember, and believe what you are saying. It's a challenge for individuals and teams to cut through daily, countless messages so that they can be heard. This isn't just true at the top of an organization. At every level the ability to communicate effectively can make the difference between success and failure.

For more than 35 years, ECG has offered seminars and Executive Coaching to help individuals fuel their capacity to convey ideas and inspire organizations.

Each seminar includes these signature ECG features:

Proprietary Tools

ECG has perfected several processes and tools to help with every element of effective presentations from audience analysis to message construction to Q&A responses.

Highly Interactive

Small group or one-on-one instruction means you are able to practice new communication skills, incorporate them into actual presentations, and receive thorough feedback.

Recorded Performance

We record your presentations so that you and your instructor can review them together during the seminar. You'll also receive the comprehensive recording of your participation post-program, enabling you to study your performance, assess your skills, and benchmark your advancement.

Supportive Environment

After every seminar or coaching session, you will continue to have access to your instructors for support of your ongoing development. This includes a full subscription to Speak Previews®, our twice-monthly communication e-zine, and our library of articles authored by ECG experts.

Flexible and Customizable

All seminars can be customized according to your corporate, team, or cultural requirements and can be held on-site at any of your company locations worldwide.

Multiple Format Options

ECG offers every seminar in multiple formats and noted on each seminar's page. Each can be conducted for groups of 4-12 participants or one-on-one in one- or two-day sessions. For larger

Executive Presentations℠ is our most popular seminar. It teaches the foundational skills needed and used by the best presenters to construct and deliver quality presentations. Your communication will improve along with your confidence, persuasive power, and executive presence. Because the essential skills introduced provide a gateway for your future communication development, Executive Presentations℠ is a prerequisite for most of our advanced courses.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss and diagnose your situation, experiences, feedback, or skill sets you're looking to improve, and we'd be happy to recommend the appropriate seminar or construct a custom training program for you.