Many of the world's most successful executives have discovered that being able to effectively interact in a public environment can have significant benefits for their companies as well as their personal careers. With proper preparation, these types of interactions will not become high-anxiety events.

At ECG, we can help you prepare for a variety of intense interactive situations, including journalist interviews, press conferences, on-air appearances, internal conferences, and video presentations. When the media shines the spotlight on your area of expertise, will you be ready?

Whether you're a doctor championing a new therapy, an analyst for an investment bank, a management team on an IPO road show, or independent author about to begin the conference circuit – use your real-life material and upcoming appearances to learn media skills that will positively change the way you communicate.

Who should attend?

Our Media Skills Development seminar is designed for professionals who want to be prepared for contact with the media; whether on-camera, through face-to-face interviews for radio or web broadcast, via telephone, or during large, interactive presentations.

You will learn how to:

  • Create "media smart" messages that are strong, consistent, and concise
  • Work strategically with the media
  • Prepare effectively for interviews on short notice
  • Formulate on-message responses and reduce tension while you are under pressure
  • Manage interviews so that you are in control of the agenda
  • Employ best practice listening and delivery skills, such as body language, pausing, and eye focus to ensure effective and confident responses to provocative or hostile questions


This seminar is designed for those who need to look and sound their best—knowledgeable, credible, and poised—in front of the media or during internal or external presentations specifically designed for intense levels of interaction.

Only the untrained answer questions – truly prepared professionals anticipate issues, rehearse content and delivery, and control the interview by responding in a way that aligns with pre-determined messaging. Using ECG's proprietary methods, attendees will learn to structure each main point with appropriate support, allowing each to be accessed quickly and consistently throughout an extended interaction.

In any media setting, maintaining the credibility of leadership, the reputation of the management team, and the integrity of the individual is particularly significant. ECG's Media Skills Development seminar brings critical presentation delivery and preparation abilities into play in a safe environment. Learn camera skills to look as confident as you sound with the vocal skills you learn to improve emphasis, control, and credibility throughout any interview or interaction. Additionally, this seminar reinforces effective communication behaviors and ways of managing anxiety before media events.

We offer flexible pricing, and every seminar includes our unique benefits.


This seminar is offered as a one-on-one, one-day seminar to focus on a specific upcoming media opportunity. It is also available as a one-day seminar for groups of 4-12 participants and will cover an overview of how to speak at varying media outlets or occasions. ECG recommends that, in either format, it follow Executive Presentations℠.


Please contact us to enroll or to obtain more information.

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