You are unique. So are your needs.

Our one-on-one format allows you to receive a seminar tailored to your skills and needs with constant personal attention throughout. These seminars are designed to maximize individual development and, while focusing on a specific topic, are highly customized. In a one-on-one setting, each course is thoroughly interactive and provides ample opportunity to address individual issues and needs. This seminar can be conducted at the client's preferred location or at the ECG headquarters in Englewood, NJ.

Utilizing ECG's proprietary tools, each participant will develop actual presentations and practice new skills and techniques. Review and revision enable immediate improvement. Attendees will receive a digital recording of their exercises to review performance and benchmark advancement. After the seminar, participants will have access to the instructor for ongoing development issues and response to communication questions.

The following are available as one-on-one seminars:

In this one-on-one seminar, you will learn to communicate compelling messages clearly, concisely, and credibly. You will practice new vocal, verbal, and breathing exercises and will practice new thinking patterns that transfer to presentation design. We'll record to capture you Doing it Right℠ and examine the playback so that you see yourself as the audience sees you. [ MORE ]

We will help you prepare for a variety of media contacts including interviews, press conferences, and on-air appearances. In this one-on-one seminar, you will learn to deal with journalists, manage the interview process, field questions, and perform with confidence. [ MORE ]

The words you select, body language you project, and voice you use greatly affect the quality of your presentations. Designed for individuals who have previously attended ECG's Executive Presentations℠, this one-on-one seminar will rejuvenate your use of essential communication and delivery skills. [ MORE ]

We offer flexible pricing, and every seminar includes our unique benefits.

Please contact us to discuss our one-on-one seminar offerings.