Time restrictions often complicate participation in training programs. While our two-day seminars ensure lasting behavioral change, our one-day seminars still introduce key communication skills, strategies, and solutions. Recording, review, and debrief times are truncated, but our Presentation Skills Refresher one-day course is always available for those who would like to continue presentation skills development.

We also offer some unique one-day seminars that focus on advanced topics and specific communication opportunities. These are advanced courses and, for most, we recommend taking Executive Presentations℠ first so that you have experience using ECG's proprietary presentation preparation tools.

One-day seminars are interactive and customized to meet the particular requirements of the organization. The following seminars are available one-on-one or for groups with 4-12 attendees and are conducted at the client's location of choice.

Bring new levels of liveliness, audience attention, and clarity to your business presentations by using powerful storytelling tools. Even complex technical materials benefit from employing time-honored narrative techniques. [ MORE ]

This one-day baseline version of our popular program introduces best practices for successful communication. Attendees discover how to use the objective of a presentation to define the content; begin to understand the physicality of successful presentations; develop a new awareness of the influence of gestures and voice; receive tips for managing presentation anxiety; and consider the strengths of various presentation design techniques. [ MORE ]

Not only spokespersons are called upon as subject-matter experts, to deliver project results, or issue a company statement. Learn how to prepare for effective media communications whether conducted in person, via phone/TV broadcast, or through digital media. [ MORE ]

Drawing from ECG's extensive experience in the healthcare field, this one-day seminar introduces effective and persuasive presentation skills. Concepts covered include making complex information understandable for both business and scientific audiences, applying appropriate strategies to hold audience interest, and reviewing design principles to optimize presentation preparation. [ MORE ]

Specifically designed for individuals who have previously attended our presentation skills training, this refresher program provides a review of the key principles of successful oral communication and an opportunity to practice with immediate feedback and assistance from one of our senior consultants. [ MORE ]

We offer flexible pricing, and every seminar includes our unique benefits.

Please contact us to discuss our one-day seminars.