Our seminars will teach you how to become a more proficient, confident, and strategic communicator – but companies and individuals both have a particular format in which they will thrive.

Recognizing that various organizations have differing communication styles, schedules, and budgets, ECG offers seminars in multiple formats – as a one- or two-day program for groups or as a one-on-one session for individuals.

In every format, participants receive personal attention and continued access to instructors. Each is conducted by an ECG Principal and features rehearsal time using ECG's proprietary tools, the construction and delivery of actual presentations, and guided experimentation with techniques and methods that enhance individual performance.

Embarking on an expansive skills development initiative? Preparing for a team presentation or large-scale conference? Looking to incorporate and reinforce your company's content by infusing it into the exercises we do in our training? For these and other team endeavors, a customized group seminar from ECG will help you create communication strategy, develop content, and refine delivery skills so that your group works together toward a successful outcome. [ MORE ]

Real, long-lasting behavioral change takes time, especially with the sensitive and personal behaviors of communication. Through the years we have learned that more ideas can take root if a participant "sleeps on it" and is face-to-face with his or her coach the next day to reinforce and deepen those roots immediately. These two-day seminars exemplify this ECG training model for improving critical communication skills and allow for intense personalization, recording, review, and rehearsal. [ MORE ]

An effective way to establish a culture of communication excellence is to start with a common vocabulary and familiarity with essential elements of communication. Sprinkle in ECG's time-tested tools, techniques, and coaching, and you will be surprised at how much change can happen in only one day. In these abbreviated seminars, key presentation skills are introduced and practiced, but recording, review, and debrief times are shortened. [ MORE ]

Offering the greatest scheduling flexibility, these seminars are highly interactive and provide ample opportunity to address specific issues and individual needs. Attendees will see marked improvement in their communication skills and effectiveness. These seminars can be conducted at the client's location of choice or at the ECG Offices in Englewood, NJ. [ MORE ]

ECG understands that constraints on time, budget, and travel may make it difficult for you to receive the training you need. ECG webinars will be available in the summer of 2016. [ MORE ]

ECG's Executive Coaching prepares senior executives and high-potential employees for high-stakes presentations such as with the media, to the Board of Directors, for an IPO launch, or in handling crisis communication issues. Working one-on-one, we will help you develop and refine stage presence, strengthen non-verbal communication skills, overcome anxiety, and improve writing, speaking, and other collaborative processes. [ MORE ]

We offer special pricing for every format and every seminar includes our unique benefits.

Please contact us for additional format information or how we can customize a seminar for you.