When you have a critical upcoming project launch, milestone, conversation, interview, or presentation, ECG's Executive Coaching can help.

CEOs, senior management, and high-potential employees have specific coaching, counseling, and training needs that are often handled most effectively one-on-one. ECG offers such individual attention through Executive Coaching.

These sessions typically center on individual communication strategies, media preparation, and crisis communication methods. Executive development plans often call for a coach, and when the main coaching need is communication is when you should call ECG.

ECG can provide individuals or small groups with objective counsel that will enhance the chances for success when preparing for major meetings, corporate events, or industry or analyst conferences. We also provide private media preparation, and crisis communication counsel.

Customize Your Session

Executive Coaching focuses on strengthening an individual's persuasion and high-level communication skills as part of an ongoing professional development process, enhancing career opportunities and achieving business goals. It may also concentrate on personally tailored activities such as intensive preparation for a particular presentation, developing stage presence, working on non-verbal communication skills, overcoming anxiety, or improving writing, meeting, or other collaborative processes.

ECG's Executive Coaching has helped CEOs, CFOs, project and team leaders, scientists, department and product managers reach their performance potential. Such achievement benefits both the employee and the organization.

Our Executive Coaching activities are based on a customized process that begins with interviews to determine the strengths and developmental opportunities for each individual. The Executive Enrichment Plan℠ is then developed and agreed upon before the engagement begins.

If you have a high-stakes issue, event, or presentation upcoming that you need tangible assistance with crafting, strategizing, or delivering, ECG's Executive Coaching can help.

Please contact us to discuss our Executive Coaching services.