Real, long-lasting behavioral change takes time. Over our 35+ years of experience, we've found that greater change can take root if a participant "sleeps on it" and works with his or her coach face-to-face the next day to reinforce and deepen those roots immediately.

These two-day seminars exemplify this ECG training model for improving critical communication skills and allow for intense personalization and attention. Attendees will experience substantial changes in how they use their words, voice, and body; they will make full use of ECG's proprietary tools, the PREP Process Model™ and the Message Matrix℠, to structure a presentation for maximum effect. Group size is kept small to maximize personal attention and feedback.

Our seminars offered in a two-day format are:

Attending ECG's two-day Executive Presentations℠ seminar will expand and improve your communication skills, persuasive power, and personal presence. The first choice of our clients for more than 35 years, this course helps participants identify their distinctive talents and strengths, then use them to their best advantage. When you leave the program, you will possess more confidence in your performance, greater facility with the demands of presenting, and more excitement about your potential. [ MORE ]

Starting with the techniques honed during Executive Presentations℠, this seminar rapidly enhances your ability to evaluate which persuasive tactic to use, teaches you to generate messages and content suitable for the audience and objective, and gives you the opportunity to rehearse and refine a new skill set. Persuasion methods taught will include proper framing of discussion points and presenting appropriate supporting evidence while meeting the emotional needs of the audience. [ MORE ]

This two-day seminar begins by introducing time-tested delivery skills particularly honed for life science professionals. Attendees will then learn and practice a specific design model for content development across audiences. They will apply these two principal elements of presentations (delivery and content design) in a simulated real-world presentation. [ MORE ]

We offer flexible pricing, and every seminar includes our unique benefits.

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