ECG is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality strategic communication coaching, consulting, training, and custom seminar development. We guarantee that, no matter the format, you will have a greater awareness of and better ability to use communication skills that will advance your career and help you achieve your objectives.

All ECG seminars, regardless of format or group size, include:

Hands-on Training

Our seminars are highly interactive, hands-on workshops. You get to make actual presentations to a group of your peers and try out new skills and techniques immediately. Your presentations are digitally recorded so that you can see for yourself how you are perceived by others. And you get immediate feedback that will help you take your skills to a higher level before you ever leave the session.

Personalized Instruction

You will receive individual, one-on-one coaching and attention from our instructors. Each session is highly personalized to allow instructors to meet the unique needs of every participant. In advance of many programs, you will complete a confidential questionnaire to help identify your communication strengths, goals, and needs that we then use to customize your training session.

Supportive Environment

Class size for each of our sessions is purposely limited so that you get the personal attention and immediate feedback possible only in a small group setting. You gain valuable experience directly communicating and interacting with others in team exercises that, as closely as possible, mirror your real-world business presentations.

Proprietary Tools

You will be introduced to our proprietary presentation planning tools, the PREP Process℠ Model and ECG Message Matrix℠, which help make the business of communicating easier, more effective, and less stressful. You will learn how to use these tools during the program and have continued online access to them after the program.

Experienced Faculty

ECG has been providing high-level communications training to leading companies around the globe for over 30 years. The instructors teaching our seminars are the same people who personally coach the top executives at those firms, and they will work directly with you.

Valuable Follow-up

Your experience with us doesn't end at the conclusion of the seminar. In addition to the class materials, you also receive:

  • A take-home digital recording of your work in the session that you can review later to refresh your skills and benchmark your advancement seminars
  • Telephone and email access directly to your instructors for follow-up questions or coaching advice
  • Full access and email subscription to Speak Previews®, our twice monthly communication e-zine

Company Benefits

Our seminars don't just benefit you and your career. They benefit your company, also. The corporate training and human resource professionals that regularly send their company employees to us report that graduates of our program come back with skills that make them much more effective in their jobs.

They can communicate better, which means fewer misunderstandings with co-workers and subordinates. They can persuade more effectively, which means they are able to build support and consensus for projects more easily. And they can manage communication channels more efficiently, which means things get done faster and with less friction.

Please contact us to discuss our seminars. For more information, please call us at +1-201-894-8200.