"Perfect practice makes perfect" is as important for presentation proficiency as for any other learned skill. Presentation skills development programs introduce dozens of details regarding delivery and strategic presentation design. Finding the time to practice and the resources for appropriate feedback is a continuous challenge.

Even the most dedicated student can benefit from a skills tune-up: what is working well, what needs to be refined, reinforced, or corrected. This one-day refresher seminar is your opportunity to polish your skill set and home in on those areas that have been confusing to implement or problematic to resolve.

Who should attend?

Individuals who have previously attended ECG's Executive Presentations℠ seminar and are looking to refresh or expand their skills.

You will learn how to:

  • Refine critical communication delivery skills such as eye focus, vocal power and variety, body language, and gestures
  • Re-discover the power of the PREP Process Model™ to prepare, edit, and rehearse highly effective, message-driven presentations by using a well-defined strategy and design process
  • Create a long-term development plan


The Presentation Skills Refresher is designed for those who have previously attended ECG's Executive Presentations℠ seminar. We will review essential communications skills that affect the quality of your presentation and how your audience perceives you. Your instructor will provide you with an opening analysis of your current skills and work with you to identify areas that will benefit from reinforcement and polishing.

Reinforcing the tools introduced in the Executive Presentations℠ seminar, we will use ECG's T-Bar℠ to develop improved presentation strategies. You will examine what you need to achieve in your presentation and focus on strengthening the skills that have most challenged you. By focusing on one or two skills, you will improve the quality of your audience's experience and your results.

We offer flexible pricing, and every seminar includes our unique benefits.


This program is offered in a one-day format for groups of 4-12 participants and for individuals in a one-on-one seminar.


Please contact us to enroll or to obtain more information.

For more information, please call us at +1-201-894-8200.