By receiving training together, members of your small company, team, or group can not only increase their personal communication skills but enhance the strength of a group who needs to work, present, and communicate the same messages in various situations.

Working with ECG, you will discover that flexibility and experience are two of our greatest strengths; we put both into service for you and your organization. These traits are exhibited most clearly in our capacity to custom-design and deliver any of our seminars for groups as small as 4-6 individuals or as large as 12 (larger groups can be accommodated for certain topics; contact us via email for more information). Custom seminars are generally conducted at the client's location of choice.

Make Lasting Changes

Seminar attendees can expect significant changes in their understanding of essential communication issues, behaviors, and skills. They can expect improved performance, both individually and collectively. Instruction and practice connect directly to your specific work environment, industry, and organizational culture.

Customize the Experience

Every group has needs as varied as the individuals in the group. Thus ECG's senior consultants work hand-in-hand with you to define the seminar's goals. Using our extensive practical experience, we will design a program to meet the objectives established by your organization while accommodating the personality of your team. While delivering the training, we evaluate and manage individual development plans for all participants to assure they have maximum focus from us on the most important improvement opportunities for them.

We offer every ECG seminar fully customized for your group.

We offer special group pricing and every seminar includes our unique benefits.

Please contact us for more information about our group seminars.