In today's business environment, rarely do people ask what to do – instead they ask why. In other words, people need to be persuaded before they will take an action. To effectively persuade individuals or groups, you need to understand their needs, aspirations, and motivations.

ECG's Persuasive Presentations seminar will teach you how to define and then develop messages and content that change how listeners think about an issue and, just as importantly, how they feel about it. As a consequence of your using persuasive techniques, your audience will pay greater attention and act on what you say. A heightened ability to formulate and communicate ideas with conviction and strength will enhance your professional value.

Who should attend?

Senior executives, leaders, and corporate spokespersons who wish to gain stronger support for their ideas and influence decision-makers as well as those who motivate colleagues, inspire clients, or wish to advance their careers. This course is also for those who routinely make presentations to demanding audiences or have controversial messages to communicate.


Persuasive Presentations is an advanced course; participants should have a solid presentations skills foundation before enrolling. You must first complete our Executive Presentations℠ seminar or discuss your prior training and experience with one of our instructors prior to enrolling. Please contact us if you have questions.

You will learn how to:

  • Undertake in-depth audience analysis in order to identify emotional drivers and motivational behaviors that affect listener behavior
  • Use different persuasive theories and their accompanying techniques according to the audience profile
  • Use ECG's proprietary tools such as the PREP Process Model™ and Message Matrix℠ to bring your objective into focus, develop targeted content, and prepare for Q&A
  • Learn to forestall audience objections and prepare arguments that lead to agreement and support for your objective
  • Present your ideas with diplomacy and authority
  • Make use of vivid language and stories to make your messages come alive
  • Reinforce messages through body language and eye focus


This seminar, the sequel to ECG's Executive Presentations℠, will teach you how to achieve outcomes more effectively through detailed audience analysis, persuasive theories, and strategic message development.

Recent studies in neuropsychology and the human brain have provided us with new insights on how people think and make decisions. Using this new information - along with tried and true methodology - you will learn what behaviors motivate people, what persuasive techniques you can use to make your argument stronger, and how to invigorate your performance with dynamic language and supplement your data with stories and analogies.

We will teach advanced communication strategies to prepare for and handle tough Q&A sessions, refocus the attention of the audience, and manage communication challenges. These skills are designed to enable you to make the most of high-profile, high-pressure situations and help you make a positive impression on your colleagues, clients, and senior managers.

During the seminar you will work on your own presentation to create strategic, objective-oriented messages and content that can persuade superiors to support your projects and ideas and motivate colleagues and team members to work together on shared goals.

We offer flexible pricing, and every seminar includes our unique benefits.


This seminar is offered as a single seminar in a one- or two-day format for groups of 4-12 participants, and in a one-on-one, one-day seminar for individuals.

In the one-day format, persuasive approaches and techniques will be taught, but there will be limited opportunity to practice and record.


Please contact us to enroll or to obtain more information.

For more information, please call us at +1-201-894-8200.