ECG’s CEO, Frank Carillo, shares his new year’s resolution and best wishes for all in 2021.

As the years roll by, I find myself regularly marveling at the old-world wisdoms from my grandparents. Many didn’t strike me as profoundly at my first hearing as they do now in hindsight.

Two of these insights particularly struck me over the holiday break; both from my maternal grandfather, my Papa.


I remember as a small child sitting with Papa in his garden which took up quite a lot of the backyard of his modest home. Looking at what I perceived to be some anemic plants, I questioned how difficult it had been that year to cope with the weather and grow anything well. Papa smiled and told me of how in his youth, he had the same concerns and impatience when his father planted some vines to grow wine grapes.

It seemed to him like all his father did was work and tend those vines with nothing in return. Weeks turned to months, seasons into years. Then suddenly, finally, clusters of grapes burst upon the scene. Each year thereafter they got better and more plentiful and provided wine for more and more people on their little island of Stromboli. He was trying to teach me how important patience is and not to rush to judgment.

As we all wait for normality to return from this pandemic period, it would be good to remember this lesson of patience and not to pre-judge the outcomes until we know the end of the story.

And, as I recall my beloved Papa also used to say, “we have sun, the stars, and the moon…we have a home, friends, and family…and most of all, we have love.” It took a few Zoom Christmas calls to remind me of that – not what we were missing but that I could look into the eyes of those I love and hold dear, no matter what the distance.

As we all trek into the uncertainties of 2021, we must work hard to patiently remember all that we have and focus less on what we do not. I have promised myself to do so for those in my life. I hope you can join me in doing so for those that are precious to you. It will hopefully take the stress of uncertainty down a few notches.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!