Day 1

How to define your Best Natural Style

You will learn to clearly define and recognize the style that is uniquely your own so that you will always come across to your listeners as comfortable, natural, and real.

Exercises and activities include:

  • Benchmark Recording
    Define the personal communication issues you want to tackle during this seminar.
  • Conquering stagefright
    Learn to short-circuit stagefright and use your anxiety to actually make your performance more charismatic and hard-hitting.
  • Identify your personal assets
    Discover the parts of your personality that give you a major advantage.
  • The five key qualities of effective communicators
    Identify the qualities you already share with top-notch speakers and presenters and learn to use them to your advantage.
  • Playback and critique
    Your seminar leaders will tell you what to watch for on your recording.

How to develop winning delivery skills

In this session, you will master powerful techniques to build an effective, focused presence that will help you capture the undivided attention of your audience.

Exercises and activities include:

  • Words, voice, body
    Put these influential tools to work for you and watch the change as you harness their power and take control of a room!
  • Eye focus
    Use your strongest ally to help you come across as penetrating, intelligent, and authoritative.
  • Vocal power and variety
    Learn how to prepare so that your ideas sound intriguing, credible, and creative.
  • Body language
    Discover how to use your hands and where to stand to significantly improve your presentation.
  • Recording playback and critique

Planning, content and visuals

In this session, you learn to use ECG's proprietary planning tools to define your audience, message, and objective. Armed with this information, you will practice putting together logical, convincing presentations that are "on the mark" for targeted audiences.

You will also learn to create and use visual aids that get you heard, believed, and remembered.

Exercises and activities include:

  • The PREP Process Model™
    Learn to get more out of the time prior to your presentation by using our proprietary planning tool.
  • Using the T-Bar on the fly
    Learn to come up with a clear, targeted message even when you are pressed for time.
  • Five critical factors for visual aids
    Discover the secrets for creating visual aids that strongly help communicate your message.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire
    Shatter the myths surrounding presenting with visual aids with our simple, but effective approach.
  • Recording playback and critique

Day 2

Introduction to Q&A

Learn how the critical sequence of “Focus, Listen, Pause, Respond” will enable you to maintain control during Q&A.

If Q&A is an important part of your job, we recommend that you also attend our advanced follow-up program, Persuasive Presentations, where you will receive in-depth coaching in this area, especially in dealing with hostile or difficult questions and audiences.


In this session, you put the PREP Process Model™ into practice. Using your T-Bar℠, you will fine-tune the flow of your presentation, develop visual aids, rehearse, and edit.

Exercises and activities include:

  • Plan
    Work in small teams to review your T-Bar℠, get feedback, and make revisions.
  • Visuals
    With the help of your instructors and teammates, you will create some simple visual aids using the techniques learned on Day 1.
  • Rehearse and edit
    Practice your new delivery techniques and get help and feedback from your team and your seminar leaders.

Delivery and development planning

Exercises and activities in this session include:

  • You're on!
    This is where you bring your new skills to life in front of the group and the camera.
  • Review
    Review the digital recording with your teammates and your personal trainer. Recognize your growth and improvements. Identify the remaining areas for improvement.
  • Revamp
    Modify your content and delivery based on your digital recording and feedback.
  • Your Personal Development Plan
    Use our proprietary tool to pinpoint the areas for further development for today and for the coming weeks and months.
  • One more time!
    Based on your Personal Development Plan℠, you will deliver the presentation for final recording. Focus on the critical skills you identified and get immediate feedback from your teammates and seminar leaders.
  • Wrap-up
    Along with your digital recording showcasing your accomplishments, you will take home your Personal Development Plan℠ and our commitment to help you achieve the goals you've defined. As you continue your development, take advantage of our free presentation support. Contact us via phone, fax, or email.

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