Betty Carillo
Betty Carillo

Elizabeth (Betty) Carillo

Betty Carillo is the Chief Operating Officer of ECG.

Betty has been with ECG since its inception in one form or another. She's been a steadying influence in the company via her numerous roles and responsibilities over the years. Betty's greatest strengths lie her ability to solve complex scenarios or negotiate solutions which satisfy all parties.

After Betty graduated from University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School of Communications, she applied those skills working for various management consulting firms. Her key responsibilities were based on staff efficiency and a dedication to excellence as core competencies.

When ECG began, Betty used these skills to initiate systems as a bookkeeper, secretary, and meeting organizer. Betty took a break from full-time employment when she had a young family but she continued to provide accounting support.

After returning to full-time employment, her responsibilities expanded beyond the accounting department to include human resources. In 2017, Betty was named Chief Operating Officer to recognize her additional responsibilities of overseeing operations of all three ECG practices: Coaching, Events and Healthcare.

Betty lives in Leonia, NJ and has been involved with many organizations in town, most notably being appointed to the Leonia Library Board of Trustees continuously for over 25 years by six different mayors of both parties.